The “New Normal” of Office Space

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to alter our way of life on a personal level, many experts have started to weigh in on the potential changes we will likely see in office settings, from private office suites to common areas in multi-tenant office buildings. And even today, as I write this, ideas and processes continue to evolve, but one thing is for sure, things will definitely be different for workers who utilize office space.

Below is a list of potential changes you may encounter in office buildings and office spaces as the world attempts to find its “new normal”

• Employees continuing to work from home at a more prominent level, even once offices are open and operational

• Limits on the number of employees in an office space at the same time (ie: “staggered work schedules”)

• Social distancing reminders and stickers

• Temperature scanners and hand sanitizer stations implemented throughout buildings

• Limits on the number of passengers allowed on elevators at the same time

• Increased cleaning/janitorial services in buildings and within private suites

• Less co-working/shared spaces

• Downsize of office space or adding “private” offices and areas back into open environments

There will likely be many more alterations to traditional office settings as we navigate our ever-changing environment and examine our interactions with one another in a socially-mindful way.